Terms & Conditions

For seminars, banquets, hotel rooms and apartments

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1 Validity

These terms and conditions apply to the provision of accommodation services and the provision of conference and banqueting facilities for events and all other related delivery of services. They apply similarly to the use of other rooms, showcases and areas connected to the hotel’s events areas. Only the following terms and conditions apply. Any terms and conditions of the guest, the organiser and the customer do not form part of the contract unless communicated by us in writing.

2 Conclusion of the contract

The rental agreement is concluded as soon as the seminar room, the hotel room or the apartment has been ordered in writing and confirmed or re-confirmed by CEM Gastro AG. The contract cannot be dissolved unilaterally. Sub-letting or re-letting as well as the use of hotel rooms, apartments for purposes other than residential purposes require the prior written consent of CEM Gastro AG. If the reservation is made by a third party, this party becomes a party to the contract and is in addition to the guest as joint debtor liable for all obligations arising from this contract.

3 Participants

The customer undertakes to inform CEM Gastro AG in writing of the final number of participants, as early as possible, and no later than three working days before the date of the event. For later deviations from the "final number of participants" the following surcharges apply:

  • up to 5% lower number of participants - billing according to the actual number of participants
  • over 5% lower number of participants - the discrepancy is considered up to a max. 5% of the number of booked participants
  • with later increase of the actual number of participants - billing according to actual number of participants.4 Nutzungsdauer

4 Availability for use

Reserved seminar rooms are available to the guest only during the time agreed in the contract. Another period of use requires the consent of CEM Gastro AG. Reserved rooms are available exclusively to the guest during the agreed times, from 14:00 at the earliest on the day of arrival until 11:00 on the day of departure. Unless a later arrival time has been expressly agreed or a payment guarantee has been provided by the customer, CEM Gastro AG reserves the right to assign the booked room to other guests after 18:00 without the guest being entitled to claim compensation.

5 Cancellation of seminar rooms, rooms, arrangements

For changes or cancellations of reserved, fully confirmed hotel rooms, seminar rooms or other arrangements, the following will be charged:

Seminar rooms, halls, food and banquets

  • 60 to 31 days before the event - 25% of the agreed services
  • 30 to 15 days before the event - 50% of the agreed services
  • 14 to 0 days before the event - 100% of the agreed services

(In case of doubt, minimum banquet menu price / seminar x number of registered persons).


  • 60 to 31 days before arrival - 25% of the arranged package
  • 30 to 15 days before arrival - 50% of the arranged package
  • 14 days ahead of Arrival Day - 100% of the package

CEM Gastro AG reserves the right to make customer-specific changes.

If CEM Gastro AG has reason to believe that the event or arrangement may endanger the smooth operation, security or reputation of CEM Gastro AG, then it is entitled to dissolve the reservation agreement at any time without compensation.

6 payment method

CEM Gastro AG is entitled to demand full or partial prepayment in relation to the reservation. In particular, for larger events a pre-payment of at least 50% is required, as is also the case where the guest is not also the organiser. Unless otherwise agreed, CEM Gastro AG will bill the guest for the expenses incurred following the event or arrangement. The guest undertakes to settle accounts of CEM Gastro AG before departure or within 10 days of the invoice date without deductions and in the form of payment stipulated in the invoice. No credit cards can be accepted for seminar and banquet arrangements. If our bill is not settled after 30 days, interest of 7% will be charged.

7 Price Adjustments

We reserve the right to alter prices where necessary.

8 Liability

The guest is liable to CEM Gastro AG for damage to equipment and the inventory and for losses caused by the guest or the guest’s assistants or participants, without CEM Gastro AG having to prove the fault of the guest. Regarding the items, clothes, materials or exhibits brought in by the guest or by the organiser, the speaker or participants or third parties, CEM Gastro AG rejects any liability for theft and / or damage. It is up to the organiser to take out appropriate insurance. The hotel may require proof of such insurance.

9 Service liability

CEM Gastro AG endeavours to ensure the timely execution of wake-up calls, the punctuality and correctness of communications and timely delivery of consignments of all kinds. However, this paragraph does not mean there is any liability for CEM Gastro AG: there is none.

10 operating hours

The opening and operating hours of the various restaurant and other areas of the hotel are binding. Exceptions require the prior consent of CEM Gastro AG.

11 evening extensions

Additional extensions of the event are only possible in advance with CEM Gastro AG. If the statutory closing time (closing time) is exceeded due to the duration of the reserved event (up to 02:00 at the latest), the guest must contact CEM Gastro AG as early as possible, but at least 14 days before the event, so that the required authorisation and the organisational measures can be taken. Extra personnel costs and permits will be charged to the organiser in this case.

12 Special permits

The organiser must procure all necessary official permits for the execution of the event in due time at his own expense. The organiser is responsible for compliance to the terms of these permits as well as all other public regulations in connection with the event.
Newspaper advertisements and public invitations as well as sales events require prior written consent from CEM Gastro AG.
The hotel has the right to cancel the event if publication of the event seriously affects the hotel's interests or if the hotel has reasonable grounds to believe that the event threatens to affect the smooth operation, security or reputation of the hotel or its other guests. The organiser is not entitled to any compensation claims in this case. If third-party rights (copyrights, etc.) are affected by events, the organiser is obliged to obtain appropriate authorisations at the organiser's own expense prior to the event and to pay directly any fees that may be applicable.

13 Extra services

The prices of CEM Gastro AG for extra services and rental of infrastructure can be found in the documentation relating to seminars and the banqueting proposals. The organiser of banquets and seminars undertakes to receive all food and drink consumed in the hotel or on its premises from CEM Gastro AG. Any exceptions will incur a fee.

14 Technical installations and show effects

For technical installations and show effects brought by the organiser, the safety regulations of the hotel must always be taken into account. The use of flammable and flammable materials for show effects is strictly prohibited for safety reasons.

15 Deliveries

Since CEM Gastro AG has no storage rooms for brought-in technology or exhibits, the delivery of the goods should be planned by the organiser as soon as possible and be picked up immediately after the event. Material (box, packing material, etc.) which will be left in the premises after the event will be disposed of professionally by CEM Gastro AG and the costs will be charged to the guest.

16 Lost property

Lost property will only be forwarded upon request, at the the cost of the guest and at the guest’s own risk. Otherwise, after a period of one-month, the items will be returned to the local Lost Property Office or a charitable organisation.

17 Room cleaning

The room cleaning takes place until 15:00. If it is not possible for the maid to clean the room, for example due to a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign or the presence of the guest in the room, the guest loses the right to have the room cleaned that day.

18 Euros and foreign currencies

The conversion of currency into Euro is at the rate stipulated by the hotel.

19 Changes

Changes to these terms and conditions must be stipulated in writing.

20 Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction of CEM Gastro AG is in Arlesheim. Swiss law shall exclusively apply.